Car Camping

Maybe it’s my gypsy blood – but car camping holds a unique appeal for me.  Being so free and untethered opens up my imagination and creative juices!  There is no better way to get straight with what is really important and needed in your life vs. what is a distraction.

I was too late to check into the camp ground on Dauphin Island so ended up just parking in the lot by the gate.  Worked perfectly, plus it was free 🙂

My ‘neighbors’ for the night 🙂
Dauphin Island campground. They have a maximum four month stay – then you have to leave for at least 30 days. This place is almost always booked full with beach bums.


Tuesday found me in Elberta at the farm-house and I swear it invited me to stay… all tucked in back behind big trees with the crickets and June bugs singing me to sleep.   Just a few nights reset my system; which allowed me to truly appreciate things like power and running hot water once I checked into the Econo Lodge the next night in Foley.

Farm-house in Elberta


Everything I needed fit neatly in the back of my free-upgraded rental car.
Dinner and entertainment for the evening!




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