Beach Therapy

Who knows, maybe the Universe listens to me better than I listen to me.   After all, I was craving some adventure and some beach time and it seems I got them both.

After the debacle that was “the house” (more in the Life Pressed Pause post) I found my car steering it’s own way to Dauphin Island.  I remembered seeing some state park camping sites online and figured I would go check it out.  I followed the “Beach” signs and soon ended up at the Dauphin Island Country Club.  Don’t get too excited… it was the dumpiest country club I have ever seen.  I felt perfectly at home.  The down-home waitress at the Pirates Pleasure was all too happy to pour me a much-needed cocktail (no questions asked, even though it wasn’t yet 11:00 am) and let me peruse the menu.  Normally my appetite disappears when I am stressed, but I found myself starving.

I inadvertently caused a bit of a ruckus when I decided to change into my bathing suit in the parking lot… and didn’t realize that the golf course was right behind me.  Apparently parking lot changing isn’t protocol at a Country Club (even a dumpy beach one).   It’s not like I stripped down naked; everything stayed covered at all times! There was some hooting and hollering and some “I Love You’s” thrown around.  Southern men are so cute.

I headed to the beach – Jason (the parking lot attendant) had recommended that if I was up for a walk, it would be worth my time to go all the way around the bay to where some sand bars formed after hurricane Ivan.  About a five-mile walk round trip.  Sounded like just what the doctor ordered, plus I needed to burn off the 1,000 calories I had just eaten for lunch.   I took my time, said the traditional southern hello to folks I passed.

Map of where the sand bars are located.


By the time I could see the sand bars I was completely alone with my own private beach.  Beautiful white sand, very shallow warm water, egrets, hermit crabs, sting rays, and me.  I plucked my way out to one of the visible sand bars, took off my bathing suit top and laid out half-naked.  Literally.   Good thing I wasn’t anywhere near the golf course at this point 😉


The remains of a Sheepshead Porgy – a popular catch for fishermen in the bay.
A piece of dead coral covered with sunning hermit crabs.
One of the sandbar fingers on the bay
Me enjoying the sun
I stayed in this spot until the tide came in and I was sitting in water
Drift wood seats dotted the whole beach. It is as if the ocean wants an audience. “Here” she says – “Sit, and watch while I dance for you”.
At the end of the walk, you can see the beach on the other side of the bay. Crashing waves and deep blue water – just 100 feet from the shallow calm of Pelican Bay.
The stingrays were in mating season – it was fun to watch them swim and play.





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