Photo Bomb!

Last night I went out to visit my friend Hillary at ‘The Farm’.  She and her husband Bruce have a plot of land out in Lake Point UT with horses, goats, chickens, cats, a garden, and a dog.  I am especially attached to her dog (Bella) since I am her god-dog-mommy.

20150328_183842 20150328_183822  20150328_183220










I found a perfect photo opportunity with a chicken nestled in next to some hay and just as I was about to snap a picture, Bella comes charging around the corner, startled the chicken and totally photo-bombed me! 20150328_184122




We hung out outside, had a fire, watched the animals be joyful, sipped cocktails and visited.  It was all-in-all a perfect evening and made me even more excited to create that kind of space in Alabama.

We wrapped up the evening by doing a Rune reading (it was my first one and SO much fun).  The tiles were spot on to my current situation and brought me some much needed peace about my choice to up and leave my home, job, friends and family to explore bigger horizons.

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