Late Bloomer

Back in February, I was SOOO over winter and needed to feel some earth on my hands and participate in the magic of creation.   So my son Levi and I brought in a giant plastic storage bin full of dirt (okay, Levi brought in the dirt it was really heavy), covered the dining room table with a canvas drop cloth, turned on some music and started planting.

Levi and I playing in the dirt...
Levi and I playing in the dirt…


My seeds have since tuned into seedlings, and it made my heart happy every day watching them grow.

I20150324_115109 was also given an opportunity to rethink about a concept that Aaron (my brother) and I have been discussing…   Sometimes we have things from our past (childhood, DNA, beliefs) that used to be really helpful, but now no longer serve us. But we are scared to get rid of it or change it.   I think seeing the outer shell of this seed hitch-hiking on the plant is such great visual representation of that.  The shell was vital to the seeds’ future at one point and time, but now is stunting the leaf’s ability to blossom because of limited light and space.

I wonder how many ‘hitch-hikers’ that I can get rid of this year.  Even if it makes me a late-bloomer; thinking it is finally time for me to let my leaves grow.

Now of course I have to figure out what I am going to do with all these plants… can’t really transport seedlings cross country 🙁  Maybe the community gardens will take them?

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