Coming Out

A few months ago I finally came out of the closet.  My 9-5 professional job, my appearance, my preferences, my lifestyle were all just a cover-up.  A desperate attempt to fit in with the masses and feel normal, be okay.  Truth?  I am a dirty hippie at heart, a gypsy in my soul, and anything but normal.  It was a painful experience; for everyone but me.  Jaws dropped, tongues wouldn’t work, eyes stared, confusion abounded, denial set it.

Aligning my life with my truth (aka integrity) is my new mission.   So… I am moving to Alabama.  Deep south, ocean, fresh seafood, land, gardens, humidity, LOTS of Jesus, warmth, y’all, sweet tea.  No – I have never lived there.  No – I don’t have family there.  No – I am not moving there for a man.  No – I don’t have a plan.   Yes – I am happier than I have been in 20 years.


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